Kinetic Typography

For this kinetic typography project, I chose to use a short poem. The concept for this piece was to make it like a story. Having each frame flow into the other. I also wanted the words to actually do and represent what they said. For example, “shoot” literally shoots into the universe. I used a limited color palette but at the same time, wanted it to be colorful and playful, with both cool and arm tones. I also wanted the colors to represent what the poem was saying as well.

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Layered Time


For this drawing, I sat at a window at night for seven days, drawing what I saw both in and outside. The medium I chose to use was pen. I chose to use pen because I thought the contrast with the paper would look the best. I also chose pen because I had to except any mistakes I made, and really make me think about what size pens I should use for certain things, rather than shading.

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Tracking Masks exercise journal

For this exercise, I blurred out the girl’s tattoo. By tracking the mask, It was a lot easier to follow the tattoo without having to adjust the mask shape too much. Since she moves towards the camera and then back to where she started, I did have to adjust the mask a little bit throughout the video. In one part of the video, she is close to the camera, and focuses the camera so the audience can see her tattoo more clear. In order to make sure that you couldn’t see the tattoo when she focuses on it, I played around with the amount of blurriness.

For this video, I used the mosaic feature to mask out his face. I used the same technique as I did in the blurred mask. This video was more challenging to mask because the subject does around a lot. His guitar was also a challenging aspect because, whenever it passed his face, the mask would change shape dramatically. So for this video, I had to go through more fames to adjust the masks.


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Animate Type Exercise Journal


For the exercise, I animated the caption to fade into the screen, to drop down one letter at a time, and I also made the caption shake. By using key frames, I was able to control when, and how long it would take for the caption would fade onto the screen. They were also used for animating the text. In the animate button under “Range Selector,”  I moved the position of the text from off the top of the screen to the center of the screen. This is how the letters dropped down one by one. Lastly, I dragged the text animation “quiver” onto the text file, which made the caption quiver.

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Baboon Virtual Reality Documentation




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Science museum interactive writeup

An interactive exhibit I thought was interesting, was a light exhibit involving lasers. Different colored lasers would be pointing in different directions on a platform. In the middle, there is a small fog machine, which made the laser lights visible. There were different mirrors and reflectors around the table. By moving them around, you could experiment and manipulate how the laser lines looked. I liked this exhibit because you can experiment and see how light reflects off of different surfaces. Something I would improve on this exhibit, is that I would add an audio explaining exactly what is happening. There is a plaque describing the exhibit, but if there were an audio with it, one could use it and listen at the same time.

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Analyzing juice

Two games that have juice, are Jelly Jump by Ketchup, and candy crush. In the game Jelly jump, the player taps the screen to make a jelly cube jump up to the next platform before the water beneath catches up to it. Each time the player taps, as the cube jumps,the cube jiggles like jelly. The cube also leaves behind a footprint on the platform it was one previously. When the cube lands on the next platform, the cube jiggles and compresses as it land. Particles of the cube also fall off as it jumps. For audio juiciness, the cue makes a squishing sound when it jumps. When the score come up, it makes a ticking sound. To make this game juicer, I would add a sound for when the platforms close in. I would not add much more because this is a simple game.


In the game Candy Crush, the concept of the game, is to reach a certain score by selecting groups of candy. There is a lot of juiciness in this game. Whenever you select a candy group, it dings, and shows your score in the place where the candy was. Once in awhile, a “good job,” or and “Excellent,” will show up big on the screen. A voice will also say these words of encouragement. To make this game more juicy, I would also make the final score pop up along with a juicy audio.


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