Virtual Reality


For this virtual reality piece, I was wanted to make an experience that was clean, and modern with personality. I tend to use a lot of geometric shapes in my artwork because they can give a piece structure and depth. I used triangles because I think you can do so much with a this simple shape and make different triangles. I drew the triangles without using a straight line tool because, it gives the piece character, and it makes more personal. I used the color white because I didn’t want the color to take away from the structure. When I think of white, I think modern and crisp.

While making this bridge like structure, I used gravity sketch. I sketched it literally up and over me. This way, I could make it exactly the how I wanted it to feel, which is refreshing and open.

With the hand drawn lines and the different shade of white, It lets the piece have these perfect imperfections.

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Moving Photo Exercise

For this exercise, I used the corner pin tool with keyframes to make the sky move. I masked the horizon so that it would not move with the sky.

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Personal Layered Time Final


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Augmented Motion


For this piece, I wanted to take a simple clip and bring it to life. I chose to use the scribble effect because I felt it best fit with the clip the most. I Wanted it to have a playful feel to it as the brush came down to get the paint. Since the video is on the darker side, I used brighter colors to make it pop. There is some subtle glitching in the beginning and end. I added this to let the viewer know that there is more to come leading up to the animated part. The glitching in the end is more to close the piece. I wanted the glitch to be more subtle so that the viewer has to pay more attention to what might happen.

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Living Composition

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Layered time progress

This is a windbreaker that I bought from the thrift store. I painted triangles throughout the jacket and added some red patches as well. There are sleeves that are detachable which makes this jacket more flexible to certain needs.

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Layered time progress


For this piece, I bleached a flannel shirt. I dripped and rubbed in the bleach to give it a messy look. to connect this piece to the blue windbreaker, “CREATE” is painted in the front, and “DREW” is painted on the other sleeve. I screen printed the back. The print on the back is of a work I made in virtual reality.

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