Blog #4: Alex Jones Dramageddon

If I were to read these tweets without listening to the commentary explaining what they mean, I would not really understand them at all. As someone who doesn’t really keep up with current events, when hearing these things, and hearing people talk about them, I dot really know what thy are talking about.

The first half of the podcast talks about a link between Alex Jones and a NFL advertisement. The saying goes; “Believe in something, even if it means losing everything.” The tagline used was “Believe in something, even if it means the frogs are gay.”

Alex Jones is a very forward with his crazy conspiracy theories, to the point where he even interrupts interviews to fit in his opinions.  They talk about some of his theories, one which he talks about the government possibly making a love bomb or a gay bomb, causing people to act homosexually towards each other. Another conspiracy of Jone’s was a chemical release in the rivers, causing the frogs to change genders. Hence the Nike advertisement.

From what I understand of this, everything has some kind of connection with using references. Only understanding little parts, make a bigger picture.

The second part of the podcast talks about The beauty guru community on Youtube. Specifically Jeffery Star. Jeffery Star made some racial comments which he got hate for, and lost followers.  However, another Youtuber Gabriel Zamora, who made an apology video actually gained followers for doing so.

Laura Lee said; “I’m not form Alabama, I’m from a small town in Alabama,” and also tweeted about about police brutality. Because of this, her make line to be launched with Ulta was canceled. She then made an apology video that was “fake.” The podcast talked about how she fake cried and did what all basic apology videos do. The exhale and the “I need to tell you guys something.”

As I mentioned before, I don’t really keep up to date on these kind of things. I don’t really care what the the new beauty guru Youtube drama is. However, already knowing small bits of things from what I’ve heard in conversation, I can sometimes piece things together.

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Extended Human

For my video I chose the theme “Extended Human.” This video is about a girl who make a bet to not use her phone. The darkness of the video shows how much of a struggle it is for her. There is only limited audio because I wanted the focus to be on more of the sensation rather than more of a scripted story.


Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at 1.00.26 PM.png

This frame is an example of linear motif. This means that you cane pull out basic shapes throughout the picture. In this case, the tables, and the art on the walls make rectangular shapes.


Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at 1.00.44 PM.png

This frame is an example of focus. The subject where the focus is meant to be is in focus while the background is blurred. In this frame, the phone in focus is the main subject, while the background is blurred out.


Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at 1.01.19 PM.png

This frame is an example of deep space. as the hallway gets more narrow looking down, it creates a one point perspective.

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Avatar Challenge

An obvious answer to the question “what assets would senior gamers appreciate?” would be to add older facial options such as wrinkles, gray to white hair, etc. The first game console  that I think of that already have many of these assets is the Wii.

To take things  step further, what if you could change the environment? If you have an avatar dressed like he/she is from the 19th century in a 21st century environment, it may feel a bit out of place and artificial. Changing the environment to fit the avatar would not necessarily mean the game itself would have to change. For example; you can pick a water or desert racetrack in Mario Cart, but they are two totally different racetracks. Instead of this, one would be able to just change the way the setting of the game looks, but the game is still the same. You could also change the things that are used to fit the era, like a telephone. Having everyday items that fit the setting as well would help the game to be more fitting, and appealing.


Another direction of asset design that might interest senior gamers, is to not have assets from time periods at all. A game could have a more of a ranking system using colors and shapes. for example, if you are level one, you are a yellow circle. If you are level 5, you are a green square. There also could be bonus assets rewarded to those who complete a certain task. For example, if a player kills 50 players in 30 seconds, you earn a stripe on your shape. No one would know if you are a younger or older player age wise. This way, there would be no biases between players. Assets like these might spark interest in those players who don’t want to portray any age or what they look like.


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Paint was my favorite program to use. Sitting in my grandparent’s room at the desk painting pictures with their iMac G3. My parents haven’t really let me play on their computers yet, so playing on my grandmother’s, was always a real treat. I remember always making weird worms with all of the different brushes. 




My mother had a SONY PCG-705. It ALWAYS took forever to start up! With the AOL dial up connection, it would make those weird sounds. Whenever she opened her email, it would say; “you’ve got mail!” When she eventually handed it down to me, I didn’t do much with it besides watch my DVDs on it. When I started using the internet, I don’t really remember doing much besides playing games on Yahoo. When Youtube came out it was the same year that Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire came out so I just remember watching clips from the movie on there.




I got a track phone at the end of the sixth grade. You know those phones where you have to buy the minutes? I thought I was so cool with my little open face cell phone. Until  I saw everyone with their cool flip and slide with a keyboard cell phones. I was a very slow texter compared to my friends. Then I got the Verizon Alias 1. I’d carry that thing out in my hand for everyone to see. It flipped up AND to the side.






Facebook in junior High was like a giant beauty pageant. At least it was like that for me. It was all about how many likes someone got on their new profile picture or whatever. People would just post “honestleys,” where if you like the post, the person would tell you what they “honestly” think of you. Or “like this for a rate,” where you rate the person with a number and post it on their page. Thinking back about it now, it’s really stupid. Being “friends” with people since high school, it’s interesting to see how the content of posts change. From just posting song lyrics to actually posting about your life.

Snapchat isn’t like it used to be. When it first came out, all you could really do was send a 10 second picture to someone. I guess it was meant for sending nudes because the picture would disappear afterwards. I could only use the app on my iPod since I didn’t have a smartphone.

Instagram is now one of my favorite platforms. Originally, I wasn’t that into it. I didn’t get it right away because I thought it was basically Facebook but with just pictures. Then my friends said I should make an account to post my art. So I did. I follow a a lot of art, photography, travel, water sports, and people I know. I get super inspired from this platform. It is a great way to waste time on the internet. It also can be a good place to find your group and to show who you are. Posting what you’re interested in and following people who like what you like, even following people who post different things compared to you.

A VERY early scene shot of my Instagram



I got my first smart phone my freshman year of college. My mother would always say “You’re just going to be on Facebook all the time blah blah” I would say that I wouldn’t be, then she would say, “then you don’t need one!” Mothers sometimes.. I think the point I made that changed her mind, was that I needed to check my email anywhere, and that it was annoying to carry my iPod touch my cellphone around all of the time.

Now that I am in graphic design, With doing research and putting yourself out there, social media and the internet in general plays a big role.

A common theme I am seeing while typing this, is that I was behind on all of the new stuff. It seems that everyone was ahead of me. Getting a cool phone, watching cable tv, joining Facebook. It can be hard sometimes when your friends talks about the fun 90’s shows they used to watch, or how Facebook used to be when it first came out and you don’t know how to stay in the conversation. But I’m to upset about it.


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Blog3 draft

As do a lot of people, I start my day waking up to my lousy alarm. I usually wake up about 15 minutes before I have to get out of bed to give myself some time to wake up and check my social media. I look at my friend’s stories on Snapchat and Instagram, scrolling through and admiring their lives. I then go on Youtube and usually end up watching thrifting videos, specifically “bestdressed.” I like her channel because of her quirky personality…and she’s Asian.

Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at 10.07.58 AM.png

I am not particularly proud of my morning routine. I feel that I could be doing something more valuable with the half hour of time I have to myself during the morning. Like drinking lemon water and doing yoga or something.

Since most of my classes are studio classes, we spend endless amounts of time working on projects. Just kidding..More like we spend endless amounts of time procrastinating wasting time on the internet. Or maybe that’s just me… Facebook is a great way to do so. Scrolling through the home page watching random videos and stalking people I went to high school with.

Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at 10.16.57 AM.png

At the same time, I have whatever I’m working on pulled up in the back. If I sense the professor coming I just quickly minimize Facebook and continue working. Or pretend to.

Since My classes usually end around lunch time, I’ll Snapchat my friends or send a group message asking if anyone will get food with me.

Instagram is probably my favorite platform. It also plays a big roll in my major. One of my professors insist we have an account for artistic inspiration. For mine, I chose graphic album covers. I feel anything is possible when it comes to these styles of albums. From a simple clean graphic to a space bear. Unfortunately I no longer post on this account because I forgot the password. Forgetting passwords seems to be a normal assurance for me. I can’t imagine why..


I also have collected a lot of Instagram posts. There are art works, architecture, fashion, and cute animal videos that I just find totally necessary to keep forever or as long as possible. I like to go back and scroll through my collection sometimes to try to figure out why I saved certain things.

Here is a video I saved on Instagram of an otter doing sit ups. It’s pretty cute.


It is hard for me to do work and listen to music or watch tv at the same time. It is easy for me to get distracted. So walking to and from class is the time when I mostly listen to music. I will usually listen to the Chainsmokers, Foster the People or the Gorillaz on Pandora.


After classes getting into my room, I try to socialize with my apartment mates. They are all in the same sorority, and I am in none. So sometimes it can be a little awkward. In my room I’ll scroll through Instagram again, watch a few videos, and Snapchat a few friends before I get to my homework. I follow a few stories on Snapchat like “oddly satisfying,” and “people are awesome.” I also follow a political story called “good luck America.” On this story, they talk about the upcoming candidates for president. I like following and watching things like this mostly because it makes me feel like an adult. Even if I am watching it on a Snapchat story.

I finish my Homework, check my email, browse social media once more, and go to sleep. Then the process started all over again when My 9:15 alarm goes off.  Great..

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Three Elements

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Senior Seminar blog 1

In response to the videos and articles we watched in class, in my personal conclusion, design does play a big part in how we see ourselves as men and women. In many advertisements for products, we find that they mostly target either men, or women. For example, women’s razors, and men’s razors. Even though they are the same product, there is one for women and one for men. On the women’s package, it has an airy, light to the touch feeling to it. on the men’s razor package, it has sharp, bold, and clean look to it. Why are these packages so different when the product is basically the same thing? Traditionally, women are mostly seen as delicate, soft and caring creatures who like fancy/ sparkly things. Men are traditionally seen as big and tough. This is why products are advertised as so. To fit these stereotypes. In one of the articles, it talks about pens for men, and pens for women. The women’s pens are slicker and smaller for the women’s hand. They are also pink. The men’s pens are just your average pen in a sense. Why does it matter what kind of pen you use? Do the women’s pens actually work better for women? Are they saying that they can’t use the “men’s” pens or lose versa?

As time has gone by, we we see a great change in how women are seen. A lot of women products such as Always, and Dove, are really spotlighting how strong, smart, independent, and diverse women are. Men on the other hand, I think still have some work to do. I haven’t really much diversity in men’s advertising. Not showing as much of different bodies or cultures.

There is one thing that I will disagree with in one of the articles. In the article, it was asking the question, why can’t men design feminine products? and why can’t women design a men’s razor? It is because women know how the women body works best. They have experience. I don’t think I’d buy a feminine product if  I knew a man designed it. Same thing with men’s razors.

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