The “OBJECTIFIED” documentary I thought was actually very interesting. Realizing that every part of everything serves a purpose and was carefully planned out is amazing to me. We as people in our busy schedule take things for granted, and don’t take the time to slow down and look at things up close. (Not that we necessarily need to). One thing that I found very interesting specifically, is that people always want “the new thing.” And when they get that new thing, the old thing gets thrown away. As said in the film, things like technology are made to last and be permanent, but yet when the new phone, or laptop comes out, the old ones get thrown out. This is why sustainability is so important now that technology is growing so fast. Technology and design is changing all the time, even now as I am writing this assignment.

One of the designs that I found very fascinating in the film was the Japanese toothpick in the beginning of the film. I did not know that the end was supposed to be broken off to let people know it has been used. And that it can also be used as a stand. The segment about the cars I thought was really interesting as well. Some cars are known as “sexy.” Yet they are just bent materials. The film also mentions that the way you think people think about your car, really is just a reflection on yourself. That other people don’t really care what kind of car you have or how you decorate it. That it’s just you reflecting on yourself. One last design that I thought was interesting was the camera. Cameras were designed in a rectangular shape for the film to fit. Now that it’s the 21st century, film isn’t needed anymore, yet the camera is still a rectangle shape.

Technology and design is changing all the time, even now as I am writing this assignment. And that is amazing to me.

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