Overfishing Tuna political poster


For this political poster, I chose to raise awareness of overfishing tuna. The rate of fishing tuna has been increasing for a long time, and still is. Sushi has become very popular, and tuna is used a lot in this delicate dish. It is very important that we harvest these amazing animals in proportion, because if we don’t, we may not be eating anymore sushi in the near future. And also, these fish are important to the ocean system. So if they are gone, than the oceans will get stirred up as well.

For this poster I used Indesign. By using simple shapes and a limited color pallet, the style of this poster is constructivism. One way to tell it is constructivism is to look for sun burst like shape that promotes whatever the poser is trying to say. Here, I have this sunburst like shape with the tuna going off into the distance, giving it an infinite  conveyer belt like feel. By adding the black boarder and the red stripes, it balances out the poster so it is not so bottom heavy.

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