Ram Mixed Media Art


(Scan of Mixed Media Piece)

This mixed media piece was made for my Art History 1 class. I decided to do a mixed media piece because, I think the mediums I used compliment each other nicely. I chose a ram because I wanted it to be very symmetrical. By using it’s horns, I thought it was a good opportunity to use symmetry. I also chose this animal to be the main focus because my mother’s horoscope is Aries, and a ram is the Arie’s horoscope animal. Also notice that the ram is feminized. I framed the ram using a geometric form. This was because I wanted to show a color shift. If you look carefully, the opposites of the diamond are complimentary. I added the flowers and the birds for aesthetic reasons.

The process of the piece is, I first sketched it out on strathmore using pencil. Then for the base colors, I used watercolor. To add texture and dimension, I used Prisma colored pencils. I used Micron pens to outline it. Lastly, I used metallic acrylic gold paint for the diamond, the earrings, and the small dots to ad more dimension.


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