Eva Hess Response

I thought the Eva Hess documentary was very interesting. Although her art work is very simplistic, from plastics fiber glass, and latex, her pieces give off a lot of emotion and movement.

I think the way she presents herself as an artist applies to a lot of people, including myself. She has been through a lot of obstacles from her father not supporting her as an artist, going through the war, divorce. I may not have experienced any obstacles to this extreme, but every artist goes through rejections weather it’s a personal thing, or about your art. As an artist, I also express myself through my art as do many other artists. I noticed that Eva’s art style has changed through the years as she got older and went through different experiences. Expressing how she’s feeling and showing who she is. Eva also made art for herself. She did what she wanted to do and didn’t really think about other people’s opinions. This personally can be difficult for me. I do make art for myself, but I always think about what other people might think in the back of my head. And I think that makes an influence in the decisions I make.

What I’ve learned from Eva and this Documentary, is that everyone and everything around you can have a huge influence on your work. I also learned that simple things can be life changing, since her sculptures were so minimal, you could tell how much of a impact they had on people and how they reacted to them.

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