Project Canon pt1

For this project, we are to create a canon. For the first step of this process, we were asked to write a biography/story about how our character emerges.

At first glance, you’d think Wallace was an ordinary man. He is kind, he is smart, and he is helpful. He has a wife named Lisa. She is the sweetest lady in the whole neighborhood. Everyone knows Wallace and Lisa and say hi to them when they pass by. Wallace works for a small but very successful bakery owned by his best friend Carlo. This bakery was the best bakery in the whole state. All of their recipes were top secret. Wallace and Carlo are very close. They have worked together since basically the start of the company. They’ed go on trips together with both of their families, they would play golf together, go to concerts, etc. Wallace however had a dark side. He had a big secret that no one could know. Not even his wife. You see, although it seemed like Wallace and Lisa were happy, they did not have as much as Carlo. They did live a comfortable life, but Wallace wanted more. He wanted what Carlo had. He had always been jealous of him and what he had. Lisa doesn’t seem to mind living the life style she’s living. She is actually happy. He has always wanted to start his own bakery but never had enough money to start. Although he knew Carlo would be more than happy to help him out, Wallace didn’t want his pity. He didn’t want any of Carlo’s help because he thought it would have been embarrassing for him. It first starts out as just taking some cookies from the bakery once in a while so no-one would know. After a few month’s go by, Wallace is still not satisfied. He wanted Carlo’s bakery to fall to the ground. He started taking bread home to analyze it in his secret lab to see exactly how it was made. At work, he would pay more close attention to the people who baked the bread. After some time, Wallace finally came up with the secret recipe for the bread he had stolen. He got right to work. He fist tested it out on his friends. They lied it so much they suggested he started his own business. So that is exactly what Wallace did. He started his own “under the ground” bakery. Carlo and the other workers started to notice that not as many people were coming by. But they didn’t think much of it. One day, one of Carlo’s employees came back with a loaf of bread. He said that someone told him to try this bread from this bakery,and he noticed it was the exact same as Carlo’s. So he came straight away to let Carlo know. Since the recipe was top secret, only the employees knew the recipe. They tried to find out who was working behind their backs. They found out it was Wallace. Carlo went to talk to Wallace and asked him if he still their bread. Wallace denied it. Lisa was also in the conversation. Carlo was very generous and told Wallace he wouldn’t say anything to anyone if he admitted to taking what is his. And that everything could just go back to normal. But Wallace stood his ground. He asked Carlo how he could do such a thing to accuse him of stealing something that meant so much to Carlo. But Carlo knew that he is the only one who could have done it. Wallace told Carlo that they could not be friends any longer. He couldn’t be friends with someone who could accuse him of doing something so terrible. This really hurt Carlo. He thought Wallace was his friend. After all this time, after all they have done together, he finds out he’s a manipulative liar. Wallace soon got his underground bakery shut down and lost his job at Carlo’s. Lisa also found out the truth about him and left him. Wallace was left with nothing. But he never regretted what he did to Carlo’s bakery.

Wallace is a shorter more fuller looking man. He wears rectangular glasses and barley has ay hair on his head. For the most part, he is wearing a striped t-shirt and jeans. With his pointy nose and squinty eyes, he looks like an untrustworthy man.


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