Alysia Kaplan

The Alysia Kaplan gallery took place on March 1st in the Bret Llewellyn Gallery.

When I walked into this gallery, my first thoughts were simple, and diverse. Simple because there were only four exhibits each being very spaced out away from each other. Diverse because each piece used a different medium. Knowing what her intentions and meanings were with her work, I do not think I would know those things without her explaining them. But after she talked about her work, I can clearly see the messages she was making.

Alysia Kaplan never did what she was “supposed to do.” She said you can do anything with photography. She likes working with older machines and handmade films, because it gave her work a unique meaning. She tried to get away from the idea that people wouldn’t accept her work. Her work has a playful nature to it.

Kaplan was also saying how she gives her work meaning to things ever changing. When she went back home to where she grew up, things looked a lot different from when she left. She made her work to give memory to what home was to her. And with that, her work told stories. This reminds me of how one can listen to a song, and the song brings up memories and can take you back to a specific time.

I thought it was really interesting how she explained how she lets the space dictate how things will work together, and by having an open mind, it changes narratives on how you view things. She was saying she had an initial idea of how she wanted the gallery to look, but when she was in the actual space, she felt that an arrangement was needed. I can relate to this in a way also. When I’m designing something, I’ll have sketches and have everything all planned out the way I think I want it. But sometimes when I start the process of actually producing the product, some elements don’t feel or look right sometimes and I have to change it.

I think her work is most similar to the modernist movement. I think this way because she was doing things that is not “the norm.” She never did what she was “supposed to do.” Her art is also very simplistic but also has a lot of meaning to it in the sense of her concept of memories.

Overall I think her work was impactful. What I took from the gallery was that we tend to take things for granted. With new technologies and new times, everyone is moving so fast and want things fast. We sometimes forget to slow down and look back to times before. By Alysia using old equipment, it takes us back to old memories of how they actually were during that time, and how they are so important to remember. That even though things are changing constantly, it is necessary to stop and reflect on the past.


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