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Back Story

At first glance, you’d think Wallace was an ordinary man. He lives in New York in a neighborhood called River Heights. He is kind, he is smart, and he is helpful. He has a wife named Lisa who is the sweetest lady in the whole neighborhood. Everyone knows Wallace and Lisa and say hi to them when they pass by.

Wallace is cashier for a small but very successful bakery owned by his best friend Carlo. This bakery was the best bakery in the whole state. All of their recipes were top secret. Wallace and Carlo are very close. They have worked together since basically the start of the company. They’ed do everything together like go on trips together with both of their families, they would play golf together,  and go to concerts.

Wallace however had a dark side. He had a big secret that no one could know. Not even his wife. You see, although it seemed like Wallace was happy, he was always jealous of Carlo and of what he had.

For the longest time, Wallace has wanted to start his own bakery. However, He could never afford it. Whenever he made a trip to the bank to take out a loan, they would reject him. And he is not the creative type. Since he was only a cashier, he was not a baker at all. He could never come up with any original recipes of his own. Although he knew Carlo would be more than willing to help him out, he didn’t want any charity. He didn’t want any of Carlo’s help because he thought it would have been embarrassing for him.

Since Wallace doesn’t know any of the recipes, he decides to steal them from Carlo. One night Carlo needed to leave early so he asked Wallace to lock up for him. Wallace agrees. Right after Carlo leaves, Wallace searches for the secret recipes. He looks high and low. Eventually, he finds them in a small box in the back of a cabinet in Carlo’s office.

When Wallace gets home, he gets straight to work and starts baking. Following the recipe to the tee, he finally finishes his first loaf of bread. Lisa walks in and is surprised to see that her husband baked something. Wallace tells Lisa to try it. As soon as the bread touches Lisa’s tongue, she throws it down with disgust. Wallace then tries the bread. He also throws it down with disgust. He has no idea why this is happening. He followed the steps exactly.

Over the corse of a week, Wallace tries to recreate the recipe again and again. And no matter what he does, he jus can’t get anything right. Everything he makes is disgusting. He tries to get Carlo to slip out on his secret without making it obvious. But Carlo tells him nothing. Wallace Gets upset and pulls the friend card on him. Carlo is his best friend yet he won’t tell him his secret? That Wallace can’t be trusted? Carlo explains that it took him years to make the perfect loaf of bread. That he started from the very bottom and did everything he could to get to where he is now. And that just giving away his secrets would be like giving away a part of himself. It’s not that Carlo didn’t trust Wallace, because he did. He just wants to die with the one thing that makes him who he is. Wallace pretends to understand him. But ultimately, he wants what he wants.

Wallace desperately keeps trying to make the top secret bread. But eventually, he gives up. He came to the conclusion that there was no way he could be as good of a baker as Carlo. Let alone be a baker period. Knowing he has to give up his dream, he comes up with this idea. This idea is to steal Carlo’s bread. If Wallace could not have his bakery, than Carlo couldn’t have his either. Although he knew this was wrong to do, and knowing that it would crush Carlo, he decided that his success was more important than Carlo’s.

The next day at work, every once in a while Wallace would sneak some bread into his bag. He would continue doing this for weeks. He wanted Carlo’s bakery to fall to the ground. Carlo and the other employees started to notice that they were producing more than they were selling. But they didn’t think much of it. One of Carlo’s employees came back with a few loafs of bread. He said he found them in the garbage outside.

So he came straight away to let Carlo know. Since Carlo’s products were so popular, no one could imagine why anyone would throw away something of theirs. They made a plan to try to catch whoever did this.

The next night after lock up, one of Carlo’s employees hid outside. He waited there to see if anyone would come throw away any bread. After about 15 minutes, he sees a figure. Since it was night time, it was hard to make out a clear picture. He made out a shorter more fuller looking man with a pointy nose and squinty eyes. He wears rectangular glasses and barley has ay hair on his head. He tries to think of anyone who looks this way. Wallace. He is the only one who looks this way, and who has been acting strange lately. He tells Carlo what he saw that night.

Right when the store opens the next morning, Carlo went to talk to Wallace and asked him if he was stealing and throwing their bread away. Wallace denied it. Carlo was very generous and told Wallace he could keep his job if he confessed. And that everything could just go back to normal. But Wallace stood his ground. He asked Carlo how he could do such a thing to accuse him of throwing away something that meant so much to Carlo. But Carlo knew that he is the only one who could have done it. Wallace told Carlo that they could not be friends any longer. He couldn’t be friends with someone who could accuse him of doing something so terrible. This really hurt Carlo. He thought Wallace was his friend. After all this time, after all they have done together, he finds out he’s a manipulative liar. Wallace soon got laid off of his cashier job. Lisa soon found out the truth about him and left him. Wallace was left with nothing. But he still never regretted what he did to Carlo’s bakery.

Write Up

My experience making this canon was challenging for me. I have never made a character before, and was thinking a lot about what who my canon was. I can up with a few stories and it was hard to stick with one. I’m not very creative in the way of creating stories with a lot of action or with creating characters with superpowers.

This story I chose to use is based on real events. I wanted to show that even if knowing someone for a really long time, trusting them and being their friend, in some cases, they were just using you. They weren’t the person that you thought they were.

I also based the canon on a real person. I used who the character is based on as a reference for the overall look of Wallace. I wanted him to look like a typical person but and also know there is something dark and sad inside of him.

I used a few of the techniques we learned in class to draw this character. I used the method of “drawing human figures using stick figures” for making out the proportions. I also used the technique for how to draw head shapes we learned in class. These techniques helped me a lot in drawing the five views.

Overall this project was a new and exciting experience for me. I feel like I’ve learned a lot not only about how to draw a character, but how to go through the whole process of making the character come to life through writing the story as well.

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