Journal-Goals to be an Artist

Sometimes I feel like an artist, and sometimes I don’t. When I do feel like I am an artist, it’s when I am actually working on a project that I am doing on my own time. Because when it’s an assignment, I sometimes feel that sometimes it’s more of a chore than something that I’m really interested and motivated to do.

My goal to be/as and artist is to be able to enjoy what I’m doing and to follow through on projects that I have started. I also have a hard time finding a deeper meaning in my work rather than just making something look nice. I want people to have discussions their feelings about my art, and not just about how pretty it looks. In my opinion, being an artist  means that you have dipped your toes in many different types of art. Even if you don’t apply some of them in your work, it is good to have many experiences to expand your points of views in order to make your work unique from others. These are my goals to be an artist.

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