Sound Project

Mardi Gras

This video is the same as the other Mardi Gras video. However, I added audio to this one. I wanted to make a sort of story of what people might hear throughout the day at the festival.

Gallery 2 logo

For the Gallery2 logo, I wasn’t sure of what kinds of sounds would fit this logo. At first I was trying to add a sort of calming sound. However, knowing that the gallery is not so formal, I knew calm was not the right adjective. I came up with this sort of shakey, upbeat sound using a scotch tape dispenser. I feel like this sound fits with how the logo moves, and fits with Gallery 2.


For this countdown, I added some radio using Audition. All of the sounds are sounds that I made with a friend. I tried to fit fun, playful, and silly sounds with how the numbers move through the screen, so each sound for each number is different. Almost as if each number had their own personality.

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