Reality and Illusion

On January 29, 2017, I went to go see the Escher exhibit “Reality and Illusion” in Rochester at the Memorial Art Gallery. This exhibit showed a lot of his work and his processes in creating it.

Escher rarely got inspiration from his surroundings. He tended to draw from his imagination using abstract concepts. By exploring with visual ideas using mirrors, multiple dimensions, infinities, and other worlds, he was absorbed by all of these concepts.

What grabbed my attention the most were his metamorphosis pieces. It is so amazing how he transformed one thing gradually to another with having the pieces interlock with each other throughout the whole piece. I also really liked his illusion pieces. The way they really play with your mind. Both his metamorphosis and his illusion pieces really make you want to want to look closer, harder, and longer to try to really understand how they work.

The exhibit also showed some of the steps he took to create his metamorphosis pieces. By using grids, he was able to make his designs perfectly consistent. His process included a lot of math and geometry to get things just right.

One can apply the content of Escher’s exhibit to DM&A, and Interactive Design. With just the process itself, by taking the time to plan ahead, mapping out ideas, and following through, it is a lot easier to then reflect on what needs to be improved. By trying to skip to the end product, you don’t really get to know what you’ve done, know how the mediums used work together, and overall just learn from the process in general. So in future projects you know what to do and what not to do.

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