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Collaborated Game designs

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  Sword Sketches   Space horror monster concept design   Pod textures Advertisements

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Bug Game   For this game, I decided to have a bug walking across the sidewalk trying not to get stepped on. I wanted this game to have a homemade look to it so I hand drew all of the assets. … Continue reading

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Game Jam

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  For the 48 hour game jam, I was responsible for the concept designs for all of the structures. Our game took place in the 1700’s. I did some research and used photos of 1700’s buildings as references for my … Continue reading

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Interactive Review 1

A game that I could play forever is Kubik by Ketchapp h8games. It is a phone game in which you swipe left and right in order to fit cubed shapes in with each other. There is a height barrier where … Continue reading

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Pre Production Game Design

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For this game idea, I have a bug as the main character. The bug would move towards the little cave (the goal). The enemies are feet which come down as the bug moves. The game is over when the bug … Continue reading

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WordPress Theme

Final HTML Xd Draft Phone version Web version

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