Helvetica documentary review

The Helvetica documentary was more interesting than I thought it would be. The reason we have different type faces in general, is to give the audience more information and to make them feel a certain way. To get an emotional reaction out of them when they read it. I never knew that the process of creating a type face was so detailed. Even though the Helvetica type face is very clean and simple, a lot of sketching, drawing, reviewing and critiquing was involved in creating this type face.

One thing that I found interesting about this documentary, is that as designers, there is always something ti improve on. In the beginning of the documentary, They said that there wasn’t anything that needed to be changes about Helvetica, because there isn’t. It is so simple, clean, etc. that nothing needs to be improved. Another thing that I found interesting about the documentary, is that since Helvetica is so simple and plain, some people may say that this type face is boring. Yet it is used everywhere. On planes, posters, logos, etc. This type face is the most versatile, rational, neutral type face, and the most efficient in my opinion. Although Helvetica is simple, by using this type face in bold, CAPITAL, italic, etc. this type face can be expressive and give iff different messages and emotions.