Baboon Game

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  As a group, I think we worked pretty well together. Our process was, we came up with a few ideas for how to educate children about baboons. By communicating with our biologist, we came up with taking pictures of … Continue reading

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Collaborated Game designs

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  Sword Sketches   Space horror monster concept design     Pod textures

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Bug Game


For this game, I decided to have a bug walking across the sidewalk trying not to get stepped on. I wanted this game to have a homemade look to it so I hand drew all of the assets. The background is very simple so that the feet and the bug stand out. As the bug walks along the sidewalk, the speed of the feet increase and also get bigger. This is so that the game gets harder as you progress.

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Game Jam

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  For the 48 hour game jam, I was responsible for the concept designs for all of the structures. Our game took place in the 1700’s. I did some research and used photos of 1700’s buildings as references for my … Continue reading

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Interactive Review 1

A game that I could play forever is Kubik by Ketchapp h8games. It is a phone game in which you swipe left and right in order to fit cubed shapes in with each other. There is a height barrier where if you build up to it, the game is over. The goal is to stay below the barrier. Physical actions taken are swiping left or right with your finger to make the platform rotate. When you are doing well in the game, the sound effects get higher. The timing between the physical actions and effects are immediate.


A game that frustrates me is Stack. Also by Ketchapp h8games. In this game, you stack platforms onto of each other as high as possible. The only physical actions taken to play this game is tapping when you want the platform to land. The timing between physical action and effects are immediate. If you stack consistently, the sound effects get higher. What is frustrating about this game is that you have to time each tap in order to stack high. It can be hard to to find the right rhythm playing the game.

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Pre Production Game Design

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For this game idea, I have a bug as the main character. The bug would move towards the little cave (the goal). The enemies are feet which come down as the bug moves. The game is over when the bug … Continue reading

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