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Moving Photo Exercise

For this exercise, I used the corner pin tool with keyframes to make the sky move. I masked the horizon so that it would not move with the sky. Advertisements

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Tracking Masks exercise journal

For this exercise, I blurred out the girl’s tattoo. By tracking the mask, It was a lot easier to follow the tattoo without having to adjust the mask shape too much. Since she moves towards the camera and then back … Continue reading

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Dreamweaver Exercises

  http://poacher-maurice-25762.netlify.com/ http://author-randy-80533.netlify.com/   (parallax) http://author-randy-80533.netlify.com/   (shapes) http://author-randy-80533.netlify.com/  (toggle)

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Countdown exercise

  For this assignment, we were asked to do a countdown from ten using after effects. For this assignment, I used a different transformation with each number. I also used a different typeface for each number.

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Shooting and Editing exercise

  For this exercise, we were asked to make a one minute video with a content being of color or texture, and the score being the days of the week. I chose to do different rock textures.

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