The Eloquent Eye video response

A few of my thoughts about the Alfred Stieglitz video are that, the relationship between photography and art are actually quit similar in my opinion. Reasons why I think this are for one example, when Alfred Stieglitz first started photographing, he wasn’t interested in the traditional portraits. He wanted to capture the life around him. A quote from Alfred Stieglitz, “Where there is light, one can photograph.” And people disagreed with his style at first. This also is similar in the art world. People are set back by change and are not used to seeing different types of art. To me, art and photography s about expressing yourself and about taking risks. Both Alfred Stieglitz and all of the people he worked with took huge risks, making huge sacrifices to create their art and to publicize it.

One thing that I found interesting is that when Alfred Stieglitz first started out. When people said that his work was no good, he kept doing what he was doing and eventually became very successful. When he wen to Paris with his partner Henry James, they meat a French artist who water colored scenery abstractly. When Alfred Stieglitz saw these paintings, he also said that splashes of color weren’t worth much. However, when these paintings were brought back, they were part of the beginning of the modern art movement. I find this interesting because, Alfred Stieglitz was “put down” for his art, and then he “puts down” the water color paintings. I feel that out of all people, he would understand his art and praise him for doing his own thing.

One of my favorite pieces from the video was Descending a Staircase from the European art style. To me it’s a fun style and a lot of people can relate to it from comics in the news. An age that I like is the machine age. It is co colorful and powerful. “Raising spiritual life.” One last artist’s pieces that stood out to me were Wassily Kandinsky’s water colors. Water colors are one of my favorite mediums to use, and those paintings just give me good vibes.